Beautiful Wedding in Limassol

Our latest blog post is about a beautiful wedding in Limassol that was held at the end of May. The couple getting married were George and Nicole, a UK based couple who brought along with them their little boy, Marcus, and his trusted friend Mr. Bun.

Nicole learned about my website through the internet after searching for a Cyprus-based photographer to attend their wedding. After corresponding with George we made arrangements to meet the day before the wedding to discuss our plans for the day ahead.

This beautiful wedding in Limassol took place at the Le Meridien hotel. We made an early start and were blessed with glorious weather from start to finish. The grounds of the Le Meridien hotel are blooming with romantic trees that added a dreamy element to our photographs.

Another wonderful aspect of this hotel is its intimate private chapel, which is located in the hotel gardens. This chapel was the perfect spot for this low-key wedding and was adorned with flowers, petals and other decorations especially for this day.

A Beautiful Wedding in Limassol, Never to be Forgotten

Everything about this wedding was modest, relaxed and incredibly stunning. The bride glowed in her simple, pink pastel dress, which was offset wonderfully with a gorgeous bouquet of flowers. Her husband-to-be looked equally dapper in his suit, but it was without doubt little Marcus who stole the show in his sophisticated outfit.

Together, the three of them embraced in their happiness as the ceremony took place. After they were announced bridge and groom, little Marcus took the liberty of throwing confetti over his newly-married parents in a celebration of happiness.

Getting married in Cyprus is a truly unique experience. The balmy Mediterranean climate combined with spectacular ocean views make this the ultimate romantic location for a wedding and honeymoon combined.

This beautiful wedding in Limassol was a truly memorable day which I’m sure George and Nicole will hold in their hearts forevermore. I was proud to be a part of this special day, creating lifelong memories in an album that perfectly captures the importance of love and marriage.