Soul Mates for Eternity: Engagement Photography in Cyprus

This week’s blog post is about a beautiful engagement photo session I shot earlier this month. The protagonists of the shoot, Justin and Iryna, currently live in the UK but were recently in Cyprus to plan their wedding and of course, enjoy some engagement photography in Cyprus before their big day.

Iryna, who used to live in Cyprus, has chosen to return to the island of love to exchange wedding vows with the love of her life, Justin. Since moving to England, the two have remained besotted with Cyprus and so will be married here this coming September under the loving watch of their closest family and friends.

Our photo shoot began in the depths of Limassol’s old town. We originally intended to begin the shoot at the old library however since it was under reconstruction we instead decided to wonder around the historical old town to capture photos of our couple in question as they dashed through the streets, laughing, smiling and enjoying themselves.

Justin and Iryna have a great deal of energy and their love for another is very powerful, which was fantastic to capture through the lens of my camera. As we moved from one location to another the gradually setting sun created a wonderful backdrop, giving each of the photos a stunning, warm glow that combined beautifully with their joy and energy.

After spending some time in the old town we then headed to the Saint Raphael Marina and beach, where we were blessed with a breath-taking sunset that silhouetted our loved-up couple, emphasising their enduring love and devotion for one another.

Shooting engagement photography in Cyprus is such a privilege as we are afforded with so many spectacular locations and therefore so much flexibility. The choices are near-enough infinite, meaning that I can create a distinctive photography session for each and every one of my clients. With different lighting, different locations and different times of day, each and every photo session I hold is unique and unmatchable.

Shooting engagement photography in Cyprus with Justin and Iryna was an absolute honour. Their unyielding love for one enabled me to capture some captivating shots that they will be sure to treasure for a lifetime.