The Power of Love: Destination Wedding Photographer

This blog entry focuses on one of our most unusual photo shoots to date: a photo shoot with a professional destination wedding photographer couple who recently visited Cyprus for a destination wedding.

Our couple in question, Anit and Bijal, come from Leicester in the UK, where they run their own wedding photography business specialising in Christian, Hindu and Sikh weddings.

Anit and Bijal are engaged to be married in November 2014, and chose to schedule an engagement photo session to celebrate their engagement and commemorate it in a series of beautiful photographs. As is always the case with my clients, I like to build up a rapport between them before meeting in person, and we spoke through email a number of times until the day of the shoot, where I finally had the pleasure of meeting them in person.

We met at the King Jason hotel where we grabbed a quick coffee to discuss our shoot and plan our itinerary. Just as we were about to get started an unexpected twist to the day altered our schedule considerably as a huge storm arrived!

This didn’t stop us from shooting some fabulous photographs that truly spoke of what it means to be fun and spontaneous. I discarded the itinerary and improvised instead, shooting everywhere imaginable from town to beach to sea cave to capture our incredible shots.

Our destination wedding photographer couple embraced the change of schedule as we ran from one location to another while the rain continued to pour. As the rain gradually dispersed we were left with a stunning sky brimming with gorgeous natural hues of orange, yellow, purple and blue.

The final result of this album is simply breath taking. Sometimes the best photographs are those that were never planned in the first place; these are the pictures that truly capture the spirit of the moment and bring a smile to our faces.

Anit and Bijal were a wonderful couple to photograph who clearly love and respect one another a great deal. I thoroughly enjoyed this destination wedding photographer experience and hope that there are plenty more opportunities to come.