Cristian Dascalu – Contemporary Wedding Photographer in Cyprus

Our latest blog post takes us to the outskirts of Paphos, Cyprus, where the protagonists of our shoot, Marina and Xristos, got dressed up once again in their gorgeous wedding attire to replicate the memories of their wedding day.

Marina and Xristos are both budding gym goers and met back in 2008 at a gym. Soon after meeting their love for one another grew stronger and deeper and Xristos knew that he had met his soul mate. Around two years later Xristos proposed to Marina in front of her adoring father, and of course Marina’s answer was a resonant yes as she too knew that she had met the man of her dreams. Shortly after proposing the wedding plans got underway and the couple soon married under the devoted watch of family and friends.

Marina had been searching for a wedding photographer in Cyprus to help her re-live the magic of that special day. She approached me and asked me to help her come up with an idea that would enable her to wear her wedding dress again for the purpose of a photo shoot – and it is no wonder considering how stunning she looked on her wedding day. We decided on a ‘love the dress’ photo theme which would give our beautiful couple the chance to wear their wedding outfits once more.

As a contemporary wedding photographer in Cyprus we are truly spoilt for choice when it comes to location options amongst this magnificent island. We are surrounded by mountains, lakes, forests and seas, and as a result the photography options are absolutely endless.

For this particular shoot I chose the spectacular Ezousa winery, which is situated in Kannaviou, Paphos, close to the grounds of an enchanted vineyard. The colours of the vineyard were perfect for our shoot and wonderfully complemented the warmth and love that radiated from our couple. The tender autumn shades coupled with a gradually setting sun gave us the glorious colouring present throughout the shots.

Being a wedding photographer in Cyprus gives me fantastic breadth of opportunities. Marina and Xristos were such great fun to shoot and the brilliant weather enabled us to capture some captivating shots that are sure to last a lifetime. We hope you enjoy these striking images of our loving couple, Marina and Xristos.