Fine Art Wedding Photography in Cyprus


What is Fine Art Wedding Photography about?

Fine art wedding photography is about the story of the wedding, the way it happens. It’s about the experience, the memories and the images.

It’s about considerations of composition, light and color. It’s about spontaneity, energy and the elements of a beautiful, compelling photograph that often align in the blink of an eye. Cristian Dascalu is not only a fine art wedding photographer in Cyprus, skilled at capturing that unique moment in time, but also a photographer that will create a unique experience that will last a life time through the memories and imagery.

Photo-journalistic Wedding Photography

Cristian Dascalu is a skilful and accomplished photographer who specialises in capturing modern and compelling wedding photography that will leave a long-lasting impression for years to come. His portfolio is expansive and includes commercial photography, artistic photographic portrait and reportage in addition to a wide range of professional portrait and landscape shots.

As a distinguished photographer Cristian’s wedding photography is contemporary and unique. He is the founder and proud member of the Cristian Dascalu Photography team, who include some of Cyprus’ most passionate and creative photographers and video producers. Cristian’s photographic team is available throughout Cyprus and he is also available oversees upon request. To view Cristian’s latest wedding photography work, please visit his blog.

What is my mission?

At Cristian Dascalu Fine Art Wedding Photography, my mission is to offer our clients the best wedding and portrait photography available, to create art work and lasting memories for myclients that will be cherished for generations, and to leave a positive and lasting impression with the families I interact with.